DairyWindow  Consolidation means results
DairyWindow is a web-based database designed
specifically for the New Zealand dairy industry.
It combines laboratory results with important
plant data and production shift notes.

Features: Click for more information

 Easy menu navigation
 Friendly interface
 Interactive help system
 Supports multiple products
 Supports multiple sampling points
 Lab test result trending
 Automatic out of spec notifications
 Certificate of Analysis and Grading reports
 Interface into different lab systems (LIMS)
 Results comparisons (IVP and ILCP)
 Plant incomings and outgoings
 Monitor silo volumes
 Track and monitor plant downtime
 Helps to reduce stock food levels
 Monitor in-process lab results
 Chemical usage analysis
 Custom data queries
 Tracks data from raw milk to final product
 Equipment calibration data
 Platform independent
 Multiple plants/sites
 Future proof
 Multiple plans

email Contact admin@dairywindow.com
for more information.


Available plans
  Local Hosted
You have full control over the server
Guaranteed >99.9% uptime
Slightly faster database queries
Access DairyWindow from ANYWHERE, including off-site
Extra security, users need to be physically onsite to access DairyWindow
Latest versions are automatically applied so you stay up to date
You choose whether to install updates or not
Data automatically backed up daily